An International Children’s Drawing Contest in the Day for Europe

Narva City Government (Estonia) in conjunction with the Administration of MF «City Ivangorod» (Russian Federation) announces an international competition for children «Narva and Ivangorod: united by border».

The competition is held within the framework of the European Cooperation Day as a part of implementation of the project «EstRusFortTour-2».

European Cooperation Day will be celebrated all over Europe and in neighbouring countries! Almost 40 countries will come together to celebrate cooperation and bridge-building between local communities across borders. Public events will take place during the week of 17-23 September all over Europe.

Narva and Ivangorod are border towns, so one of the objectives of the competition is to promote the development of friendly relations between Russia and Estonia, countries with common borders, interests in the field of culture, environment, and economy.

The contest is aimed at children aged from 6 to 18 years. The drawings will be accepted until September 14, 2012. The winners will receive diplomas and memorable gifts. More details about the terms and dates of the contest you can find on the official website of the international project EstRusFortTour-2.

Project has been approved by the Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross-border cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument 2007-2013. The total project budget is EUR 1 824 564, 85, out of which 10% is partners’ co-financing. The Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme co-financing is EUR 1 642 108,36. Implementation of the project is planned in the period from December 2011 till March 2014. Project EstRusFortTour-2 is directed at improving an access to unique fortification ensemble of Narva and Ivangorod, and among other things, it includes improvement of access roads infrastructure to the fortresses.

The overreaching strategic objective of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross-border cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument 2007-2013 is to promote joint development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilising its potential and beneficial location in the cross roads between the EU and Russian Federation. The specific objective is to make the wider border area an attractive place for both its inhabitants and businesses through activities aimed at improving the living standards and investment climate. The Programme’s website:

Olga Seliverstova
Assistant Coordinator of the project partner EstRusFortTour-2
+7 9052826718